New CD

"Get Out Of My Way"

Officially released March 21 

at The Boat House Wine Co.

Bloomfield, MO

&  Puckett's Grocery

Downtown Nashville March 22

<-----Recorded @ Trumble Hill Studios

Available on CD Baby,

iTunes,   Amazon

and  Google Play

Maggie Thorn

Original Music

"When you listen

to her, you walk the

same  gravel roads,

you visit her Main Street,

and you understand both the challenges and blessings of living in Southeast Missouri."

New Music is Here!!

August 30

Antique Archaeology 12 pm

Puckett's 5th and Church 8:15 pm

Nashville, TN

August 28

Natchez Hills Winery

Nashville, TN

8 - 10:00 pm

August 29

Hyatt Place

Nashville, TN

3 - 7 pm

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